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Half a Century!

Celebrating 50 Years Timeline
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Risbridger has been manufacturing replenishing pumps since the early 1960s.

The early 1960s saw the development of Type II or ‘2nd Generation’ synthetic turbine oils that were the most technical and commercially successful oils developed for the aviation industry. They are still used in virtually all turbine powered aircraft. 
The MIL-L-23699 specification was then introduced and despite the huge advances in performance and operational demands on the fluid, manufacturers looked to increase cleanliness and prevent degradation of the fluids or systems in which they were used. The aim was to increase component life and extend service and maintenance intervals.

In 1963, Risbridger began developing replenishing pumps to deliver filtered fluid directly into aircraft systems.  After design approval pumps underwent successful trials and oil cleanliness results were established. Over 50 years later we continue to manufacture pumps that dispense super clean oils and fluids to the aviation industry.

The British Aircraft Corporation then purchased similar pumps specifically to deliver filtered phosphate esters and hydraulic fluids. After positive trials these pumps were introduced. Around this time we began our long association with the UK MoD supporting the fixed wing aircraft fleet. BAC merged with Hawker Siddeley and Scottish Aviation in 1977 to become British Aerospace. By the late 60s and early 70s Risbridger were supplying major British commercial airlines such as BOAC, British Caledonian, Laker Airways, Dan Air and BEA with pumps, and this equipment is referenced in aircraft maintenance manuals.

Risbridger have continuously developed equipment for a wide range of aircraft fluid replenishment applications, racing cars, radar equipment, and many other critical systems. Some of our applications include: de-icing fluid, radar coolant and hydraulic fluids for F1 cars.

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