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Risbridger wins 2015 APEA Milestone Award

Risbridger Ltd has won the Milestone Award at the 2015 APEA Awards. Risbridger submitted a "50 Years of Innovation" portfolio to a panel of industry experts back in September and received the shortlisting for this award, along with four other companies.

The shortlised entrants were displayed on a visual presentation in the awards area at the exhibition and awards dinner on Thursday 5th November 2015 at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.

The December issue of the Bulletin, a monthly magazine produced by the APEA, will include information about the companies that were shortlisted for each APEA 2015 Award.

This is the second honour Risbridger has received from the APEA Awards, after winning the Customer Service Award in 2009. 

What is the APEA Milestone Award?

This award recognises the organisation, company or product which has reached the most impressive and significant business or operational milestone in the past year. The milestone itself could relate to the number of units of a particular product sold, a milestone number of people employed, number of hours without incident or injury or simply reaching a milestone number of years in business.

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